$1000, it's expensive! I can do better for less.

$1000, it's expensive! I can do better for less.

Vespera, in addition to being the most compact smart telescope in the world, is also the most accessible astrophotography set up on the market. It integrates: high quality optics (refractor with apochromatic quadruplet), an excellent sensor (Sony Starvis latest generation), engines from ..... 
Its embedded intelligence, the heart of its technology, makes it one of the easiest instruments to use. Its set-up (initialization), pointing (GoTo), star tracking, focusing and image processing are fully automated.
Vespera allows anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge in astronomy and telescope, to obtain pictures of the universe in less than 5 minutes.
On the other hand, the product is made in France in a company helping people with disabilities, APF34.
We challenge anyone to do better in less than 10min :)

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