What softwares do you recommend to edit the raw files?

What softwares do you recommend to edit the raw files?

You can edit the raw files delivered by STELLINA with software such as:

– PixInsight (stacking & processing)
– Siril (stacking & processing)
– DeepSkyStacker (stacking)

We encourage you to browse the different topics available online and to follow tutorials to learn how to use this software. Vaonis does not provide any support regarding manual post-processing.

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    • Can I retrieve the raw images and process them myself?

      Yes, just plug a USB key into the STELLINA compartment before the start of your observation to retrieve the files in the following format: The final photos processed by STELLINA are available in jpg format. Raw images are available in fits format ...
    • How can I retrieve my pictures in raw format?

      Before you start your observation, open the battery compartment and plug a USB key into one of the two USB-A ports available. This will allow you to retrieve the final and raw images captured by Stellina. A pop up will appear in the app, you will ...
    • I can't open my raw files in Photoshop

      The raw files created by STELLINA are delivered in FITS format. This format is specific to astrophotography and needs to be processed a specific way than only experienced amateur astronomers will know how to perform. If you do not have the necessary ...
    • Can I connect STELLINA to external softwares such as Sharpcap or Stellarium?

      No, this is not a current feature available.
    • Does STELLINA integrate dark, flat and offset files?

      No. Flat would be complicated to manage because of the field derotator The bias (offset) is not necessarily necessary on recent sensors (more so than on our cameras, we found that it was impossible to control the behavior of the sensor below 0.5s) ...