Can I travel with Stellina on an airplane?

Can I travel with Stellina on an airplane?

You can take Stellina as carry-on luggage in an airplane.
We recommend using either a cabin suitcase or a backpack where Stellina will be protected.
Make sure that you separate the battery as it contains lithium. It will be requested during the security check.
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    • How to clean STELLINA?

      The shell of Stellina is made of plastic and i resistant to different weather conditions (rain, humidity …). If you notice any stains or marks on its surface, it is advised to use: a window washer type product (no acetone) a microfiber type fabric ...
    • How to update STELLINA?

      We release STELLINA’s software updates about every 6-8 weeks. It may include: new features, optimization, new settings for image processing, bug corrections, display fixes… We highly recommend you to update your device each time a new version is ...
    • How is STELLINA powered?

      STELLINA requires a power source delivering at least 5.1 +/- 0.1V and at least 2.4A on a USB Type-C connector. For that, two solutions exist: – an external power adapter – an external battery (e.g. powerbank used to charge your smartphone)
    • Does STELLINA track the stars?

      Thanks to its motorized system, STELLINA can track the stars. The tracking is also working when using the manual pointing.
    • What is STELLINA's WIFI range?

      STELLINA’s Wi-Fi network range is about 10 meters (32 feet) without obstacles (such as walls or windows). This can vary depending on the device used as well as the environment (nearby Wi-Fi networks, orientation etc …). If you have problems ...