Can Vespera use the new mosaic mode?

Can Vespera use the new mosaic mode?

Yes. Vespera will be able to take pictures for the mosaic mode (estimated release date Mid to end 2022).
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    • What is Mosaic Mode?

      The Mosaic mode is an advanced feature that allows you to image a wider field of the sky than during a classical observation. This new feature, proposed in the Singularity application, is the result of a unique and patented technology developed by ...
    • How does Mosaic mode work?

      During a classic observation, the part of the sky visible in the image (the field) has a fixed size corresponding to the optics of the instrument. On Stellina, the field is about 1.1° x 0.7 On Vespera, the field is about 1.6° x 0.9° By making an ...
    • How do I access Mosaic Mode?

      Your instrument must be connected and initialized to access the mosaic mode. You will see the new button appear on the object sheet or on the manual target:
    • Why doesn't the mosaic mode use full resolution with Stellina?

      Due to hardware limitations (available memory), we do not allow for the moment to launch a mosaic in full resolution mode. You will therefore obtain a lower resolution image (containing fewer pixels) if you have not enlarged the mosaic to the maximum ...
    • Can we use Mosaic Mode with the Plan my night feature?

      In the beta version, it is not yet possible to use Plan my Night to make a mosaic.