How do you manage the problem of lens fogging or condensation?

How do you manage the problem of lens fogging or condensation?

Fogging, lens condensation, or dewing is a well-known problem in astronomy, too often responsible for interrupting observations. To handle this problem, STELLINA incorporates a heating resistance system (dew heater) that activates automatically to ensure you always have a dry optic system!
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    • How to clean STELLINA's lens?

      Stellina’s lens is an important and fragile element that you have to pay attention to. If you notice any stains or spots, use lens wipes for eyeglasses and gently clean the surface of the lens. These will soon be available for sale on Vaonis.
    • Will Vespera incorporate a heating resistance system?

      Unlike Stellina, Vespera will not incorporate an anti-fog heating resistor. This will be offered as an accessory. 
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