How does the focus work with STELLINA?

How does the focus work with STELLINA?

The focus is (currently) done during STELLINA’s initialization: when the arm is unfolded and after the first field recognition, the focus will be done until it finds the position at which the stars are the finest. It is made possible thanks to our software algorithm.

If you notice that the focus is not correct during your observation, you can relaunch it. Go to the first tab of STELLINA and click on the Autofocus button.

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    • How does the focus work?

      When the temperature changes, it may cause a change in focus. To correct this, STELLINA integrates an autofocus system. In this way, you can go to sleep with peace of mind, your pictures will benefit from perfect focus throughout the night. During ...
    • How can I relaunch the autofocus?

      You may notice that stars are not sharp enough or receive a notification regarding a drop of temperature, requiring you to relaunch the autofocus. In this case, click on the 1st tab (STELLINA Controls) and click on the Autofocus button. Note that ...
    • How does STELLINA's initialization work?

      STELLINA is fully automatized, but it requires some information in order to start photographing. First, it needs to know its exact position (coordinates, time), this information is provided using your device’s GPS. Then, STELLINA needs to know how it ...
    • How do I restart the autofocus during my observation?

      If you notice that the focus is not good on your pictures (temperature drop, humidity, vibrations...) and you want to restart an autofocus : From the Observation screen > Click on the 3 small dots on the top right > Refocus
    • When I turn off my telescope, STELLINA emits a mechanical noise. Is this normal?

      When the telescope closes, Stellina searches for a stop. You do not have to worry, it will continue to work normally.