Do's & Don'ts: 10 tips to improve your picture quality

Do's & Don'ts: 10 tips to improve your picture quality



1. Update your STELLINA each time a new software version is released.

2. Place STELLINA on stable ground.

3. Take STELLINA out at least 30 minutes before starting the initialization so that the telescope is at the same temperature as the ambient temperature (it can influence the focus)

4. Let STELLINA stack images the exposure time we recommend in the catalog, especially when there is light pollution.

5. Wait at least 1 hour after sunset.

6. Avoid using STELLINA when there is wind.

7. Avoid moving around STELLINA during its use to prevent the instrument from vibrating (i.e.: 2 meters).

8. Avoid using STELLINA immediately after taking it out from a warm environment (eg: 25 °C) to a cold environment (ex: 10 °C).

9. Do not start the initialization in broad daylight (useless) or when the night has not yet fallen.

10. Do not start an observation less than 1 hour before sunrise.

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