Does Vespera incorporate a light pollution filter?

Does Vespera incorporate a light pollution filter?

Contrary to Stellina, Vespera will not integrate an anti-pollution filter. This will be offered as an accessory on our website (estimated release date: Fall 2022).
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    • How to set up the Light Pollution filter?

      Do not handle the filter by the glass to avoid dirtying or damaging it. 1. Turn on the product 2. Connect to Vespera via the Singularity application. 3. In the application, go to the "space center" page 4. Go to " Instrument ".  5. Press on "open ...
    • Can we use any other manufacturer's filter on Vespera?

      No it will not be possible to use existing filters, as Vespera will adapt its image processing and object suggestions, based on filters that will be used, by detecting the type of filter. Moreover, a full-aperture filter involves specific ...
    • Can I use STELLINA in urban areas?

      Yes, the station integrates a light pollution filter which allows you to use it in urban or suburban areas (small cities). However, nothing will ever replace a dark and pure sky. Please, also note that some objects that are visible from the ...
    • Is Stellina more powerful than Vespera?

      Stellina has a larger aperture and focal length than Vespera. It integrates in addition to Vespera a light pollution filter, an anti-fog system, a field rotator, a USB port for raw file recovery, ... It also offers a better resolution. ​ For people ...
    • Can I filter the visible objects with their magnitude?

      This feature is under study.