Extended catalog in Singularity

Extended catalog in Singularity

We have added an extended object catalog with over 4000 objects.
The objects are considered are manual targets as you will not find educative content on the catalog.

1. Click on the catalog tab and select Manual

2. Select the target from our extended catalog

- You can add a target by entering its coordinates (declination, right ascension).
- You can select an object from our extended catalog which means the coordinates will automatically be populated.

3. Search for the object name

4. As you type the name of the objects, new icons will appear

If you are looking for an object in our main catalog, you will find the regular icon:

5. Click on the required object and the manual setting screen will appear:

The main information will automatically be pre-populated (object name, object type, coordinates, etc):

6. Save the object and start observing it!
This object will now been added to your Manual target list. You can also use the manual targets for Plan my Night.

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      Vespera and Stellina will offer the same object catalog (currently more than 300 objects). New objects are added with each software update and a suggestion form is available in the app. The objects that are not listed are accessible via the pointing ...
    • How many items does the catalog contain?

      All our instruments share the same object catalog (+4000 objects). New objects are added with each update, and a suggestion form is available in the app. Unlisted objects are accessible via coordinate pointing, giving you access to an unlimited ...
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      You can find information like shooting date, number of images stacked, observation time, image weight, moon phase, etc. in your Singularity gallery: Profile tab (4th tab)> Tap on the saved photo > Details (i)
    • What minimum iOS or Android version do I need for Singularity?

      Singularity will work on the following OS versions: - iOS version 14 - Android version 8
    • Update May 30th, 2023

      Singularity app version: Android : 1.18.2 iOS : 1.18.2 Software version : V2.17 - no software update needed on your instrument This new version contains : Plan my Night: Manual targets scheduling. You can now select manual targets in Plan My Night: ...