How can I relaunch the autofocus?

How can I relaunch the autofocus?

You may notice that stars are not sharp enough or receive a notification regarding a drop of temperature, requiring you to relaunch the autofocus.

In this case, click on the 1st tab (STELLINA Controls) and click on the Autofocus button. Note that this action will start a new observation and make you lose the previous one. If you want to keep a picture from your previous observation, save it before relaunching the autofocus.

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    • How does the focus work with STELLINA?

      The focus is (currently) done during STELLINA’s initialization: when the arm is unfolded and after the first field recognition, the focus will be done until it finds the position at which the stars are the finest. It is made possible thanks to our ...
    • How does the focus work?

      When the temperature changes, it may cause a change in focus. To correct this, STELLINA integrates an autofocus system. In this way, you can go to sleep with peace of mind, your pictures will benefit from perfect focus throughout the night. During ...
    • How do I restart the autofocus during my observation?

      If you notice that the focus is not good on your pictures (temperature drop, humidity, vibrations...) and you want to restart an autofocus : From the Observation screen > Click on the 3 small dots on the top right > Refocus
    • Is the focusing performed by Vespera manual or automatic?

      The focus is managed automatically before each observation (autofocus).
    • Update 1.26 - 25th March 2021

      Stellinapp version: 1.26 Software version: V23 The V22 update has allowed us to detect limitations on the autofocus of the Stellina of some users. The new V23 update aims to correct and restore the autofocus function in their specific cases.  It also ...