How do I focus the instrument?

How do I focus the instrument?

We recommend that you first autofocus in daylight, pointing at a distant object/building/landscape.
Adjust focus by manually turning the focus ring on the instrument (like a camera).

You can also fine-tune focus in the camera settings. We recommend setting the focus to 50% and then moving the focus ring.

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      If the image doesn't seem sharp enough, you can use the Focus Assistant feature in the following steps: 1. Drag your finger along the line to select the position where the image seems sharpest. 2. For more precise focus, click on Focus Assistant. 3. ...
    • AcutENS: Is Live Focus compatible with Plan My Night?

      Yes, Live Focus is automatically applied during planned observations in Plan my Night, especially when the instrument detects a drop in temperature.
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      You can rename your instrument from the instrument page on Singularity: 1. Click on the edit button near the actual name of your instrument 2. Enter the new name 3. Click on SAVE
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      When the temperature changes, it may cause a change in focus. To correct this, STELLINA integrates an autofocus system. In this way, you can go to sleep with peace of mind, your pictures will benefit from perfect focus throughout the night. During ...