How do we retrieve Vespera's photos?

How do we retrieve Vespera's photos?

There are 3 different ways to save your photos with Vespera:
  1. On your Singularity app (Jpeg format) - storage is limited to 200Mo
  2. On your Mobile device (Jpeg and Tiff formats)
  3. Through a wifi connection which will be released shortly (Jpeg, Fits, and Tiff formats) (Estimated release time: April 2022)

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    • How can I retrieve my pictures in raw format?

      Before you start your observation, open the battery compartment and plug a USB key into one of the two USB-A ports available. This will allow you to retrieve the final and raw images captured by Stellina. On your instrument page, make sure to select ...
    • Can I retrieve the raw images and process them myself?

      Yes, just plug a USB key into the STELLINA compartment before the start of your observation to retrieve the files in the following format: The final photos processed by STELLINA are available in jpg format. Raw images are available in fits format ...
    • Can we use any other manufacturer's filter on Vespera?

      No it will not be possible to use existing filters, as Vespera will adapt its image processing and object suggestions, based on filters that will be used, by detecting the type of filter. Moreover, a full-aperture filter involves specific ...
    • How Vespera compensate for the lack of field derotator?

      Vespera realizes unitary exposures of 10s. This is enough so that the field rotation is not visible on the raw images. Thus, the field rotation is compensated when stacking the images. Thanks to our image processing algorithms that take into account ...
    • How to clean Vespera's lens?

      Vespera’s lens is an important and fragile element that you have to pay attention to. If you notice any stains or spots, use lens wipes for eyeglasses or specific optical cloths (Microfiber cloths for glasses) and gently clean the surface of the ...