How does Vespera handle setup/initialization?

How does Vespera handle setup/initialization?

Vespera is automatically set up / initialized in less than 5 minutes.

First, Vespera retrieves the exact GPS position as well as the date and time of observation thanks to the user's smartphone/tablet and observatory in Singularity app.

Then, Vespera will scan the sky. If the sky is sufficiently black and transparent, it will be able to detect stars, take a picture and perform star field recognition. Among other things, this consists of analyzing the position of the stars among themselves and comparing this information with its internal data in order to determine its orientation. This last step is called astrometry.

If Vespera encounters an obstacle during its analysis (wall, tree, ...), Vespera will continue its search in other areas of the sky until it completes a full circle.
Finally, Vespera adjusts its focus with a similar approach: it takes a picture of the sky and looks for the position of the focus for which the stars are the sharpest.

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      Vespera means twilight in latin.
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