How long is the product warranty period?

How long is the product warranty period?

The product benefits from a 2-year warranty (Europe and rest of the world) against hidden defects. This guarantee excludes misuse, lack of maintenance or protection etc.
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    • What's the warranty on your products?

      Our products come with a 2-year warranty in case of a material defect. It starts from the date you receive your product. The warranty is excluded in the event of damage or deterioration resulting from: – misuse, negligence, lack of supervision or ...
    • Will it be possible to return the product if Vespera does not suit me?

      For our Kickstarter backers: Kickstarter is not a store and is therefore not able to refund contributors. When you contribute to a project, you are expressing your support for the creator and supporting his or her right to try something new. We ...
    • What happens in case of breakdown/breakage?

      In case of breakdown or breakage, we invite you to contact our customer care department at After a diagnosis with one of our technicians, your product will either be repaired remotely through a software upgrade or sent back to our ...
    • What is STELLINA's autonomy time?

      The power consumption of the instrument is about 2A. Therefore, a battery of 10 000 mAh assures you autonomy of about 5 hours. If your Stellina is working in a cold environment or with high humidity, the heating system will turn on and consume your ...
    • What type of battery will have Vespera?

      Vespera has an integrated battery. However, it will be possible to connect external batteries to enjoy long nights of observation! Check the specs for the spare battery: USB-C in/out with mention "PD" (power delivery) 5v/9v/12v/15v 2A or 3A