How many items are in the catalog?

How many items are in the catalog?

Vespera and Stellina will offer the same object catalog (currently more than 200 objects). New objects are added with each update and a suggestion form is available in the app.
The objects that are not listed are accessible via the pointing by coordinates, giving you access to an unlimited number of objects to be photographed.
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    • How many targets are accessible with Stellinapp?

      The catalog of pre-set objects includes about 200 objects: the 110 objects of the Messier catalogue, a selection of the most interesting objects from the NGC and IC catalogues, planets, the Moon and other objects making the news (comet Atlas, ...
    • Full list of objects found in Stellinapp's catalog

      Here you can find the list of pre-set objects saved in the Stellinapp to date. Note that non-cataloged objects are still accessible using the search with coordinates. We add new targets in the catalog in each release and a suggestion box is ...
    • Will the observation of comets and asteroids be possible with Vespera?

      The feature will be first possible in manual pointing (coordinates), then in the catalog of pre-configured objects.
    • Can we replace Vespera built-in battery?

      Our original design does not include replacement of the built-in battery since the user will be able to connect as many external batteries as desired. However, following the numerous messages received at the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, we are ...
    • How do I change the exposure time of my observation?

      The modification of the exposure time and the gain level is only available in the coordinate pointing. To access it : Object catalog (2nd tab) > Manual > Add a manual target > Fill in all fields > Save > Click on the target > Observe