How many smartphones can be connected to the same Hestia?

How many smartphones can be connected to the same Hestia?

We allow a maximum of 5 smartphones per instrument. If the limit is reached, you can replace a previous user via the application:

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    • Will Hestia work with smartphones that have 4 cameras on the back?

      Hestia is compatible with smartphones equipped with 4 cameras, but will only use the main, most sensitive camera to take photos.
    • Can Hestia be defined as a smart telescope?

      Hestia on its own isn't really a connected / smart telescope, but it becomes one when combined with your smartphone and the Gravity by Vaonis app.
    • Which smartphones are compatible with Hestia?

      The compatibility depends on what you want to observe and your smartphone’s OS (Operating System) If you are using an Apple iPhone: Sun & Moon: iPhone under iOS 16 and above, or iPhone 8 and above. Deep Sky: iPhone 13 and above Please note that only ...
    • What is Hestia's warranty?

      The warranty period is 2 years from receipt of Hestia.
    • What does Hestia come with?

      What does Hestia come with? During the Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to choose from the following 3 packs: Solo Pack: Hestia + cover Standard Pack: Hestia + cover + tripod Eclipse Pack: Hestia + hard case + tripod + solar filter