How to access the Expert mode?

How to access the Expert mode?

To begin, you must activate the Expert mode option in the settings. To activate it, go to :
Profile > Click on the 3 little dots on the top right > Settings > Activate Expert Mode

The Expert mode allows you to perform two types of actions:
  1. Change the exposure time and gain of your observations. To know how to do it, read this article.
  2. Take darks easier. To know how to do it, read this article.
Please note: the Vaonis team does not provide support for manual image processing (stacking, processing...). We recommend that you ask for help from other users or use the search engine of the Facebook group to find older posts related to this topic, as well as tutorials shared by the community.

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      Yes. Vespera will be able to take pictures for the mosaic mode (estimated release date Mid to end 2022).
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