How to set up Stellina on its Gitzo tripod?

How to set up Stellina on its Gitzo tripod?

You can watch the first part of this video to learn how to use the Gitzo tripod:

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    • How to set up STELLINA on its Benro tripod?

      Depending on the date of your order and due to a change of supplier, the brand of your tripod may vary (Gitzo or Benro). Find below the steps to install your Benro tripod at the reception of your product.   ÉTAPE 1 Get the tripod and remove the ...
    • How does STELLINA's initialization work?

      STELLINA is fully automatized, but it requires some information in order to start photographing. First, it needs to know its exact position (coordinates, time), this information is provided using your device’s GPS. Then, STELLINA needs to know how it ...
    • I already own the tall tripod for my full-size Stellina. Will that tripod work on Vespera?

      Yes, this is a standard universal size, so it will also fit Vespera (3/8" screw).
    • Do I need an Internet connection to use STELLINA?

      No, STELLINA uses a Wi-Fi network to communicate with your device but it doesn’t need an internet connection. When you set up STELLINA, you just need to go to your Wi-Fi settings and connect to the STELLINA network (in the same way you would connect ...
    • If Vespera is smaller than Stellina, do I lose quality?

      Vespera's aperture and resolution are indeed smaller than Stellina's but you'd be amazed to see what you can get with a 50mm apochromatic quadruplet! Just have a look at the results of the RedCat refractor, whose refractor alone (no frame, tripod or ...