How to set up the hygrometer sensor

How to set up the hygrometer sensor

Detection of the humidity sensor can take from 30 seconds to 1 minute

1. Manually open the product arm

2. Remove the cover on the front of the optical arm by pressing the button provided for this purpose

3. Position the Vespera AC024 humidity sensor in its housing and press it down firmly.

4. Screw the sensor in place using the screwdriver provided

5. Close the arm manually

6. Turn on the product

7. Connect to the Vespera via the Singularity application.

8. In the application, go to the "space center" page

9. Go to "Instrument" page

10. If the assembly is correct:
  1. The temperature and humidity icons appear under the product image.
  2. Initialize the product and start an observation

11. If the assembly is not in conformity or is faulty:
  1. The temperature and humidity icons do not appear under the product image and the words "no sensor detected" can be read.
  2. Try restarting your Vespera a few times.
  3. Reassemble the sensor and start the assembly again. If the problem persists. Contact the support service: