I can't add decimals to Right ascension and declination in the manual mode

I can't add decimals to Right ascension and declination in the manual mode

One arc second corresponds to approximately 1 pixel at the sensor.
More precise values are not necessary because pointing and tracking are not as accurate.
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      To begin, you must activate the Expert mode option in the settings. To activate it, go to : Profile > Click on the 3 little dots on the top right > Settings > Activate Expert Mode The Expert mode allows you to perform two types of actions: Change the ...
    • What is the difference between alignment type direct (dark sky) and indirect (bright sky) in the manual mode?

      STELLINA uses the stars to figure out its position in the sky. - Choose Direct alignment if there are enough bright stars visible in the target field. - Choose Indirect alignment if there are not enough stars visible in the target field (for example, ...
    • Will we be able to add filters on Vespera?

      Yes, it will be possible to add the full-aperture filters designed by Vaonis: Solar (ND), CLS (light pollution), H-Alpha, OIII, and SII. All Vespera's accessories will be available on our website (estimated release date: May 2022)
    • Will coordinate pointing be available in Vespera?

      Yes, this feature is available with Vespera. The coordinates used are those of the J2000 reference frame (right ascension and declination) and are accessible on sites such as Wikipedia or Stellarium. 
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      If you stop pointing at an object before observing it, the Random mode will continue to suggest targets until you actually observe one. If you only interrupt the observations during the pointing phase, it will not be possible to exit Random Mode. To ...