In which currency will I be charged for Vespera's order?

In which currency will I be charged for Vespera's order?

You will be charged in American dollars ($US) or Euros (EUR).
For any other currency, the final amount charged will be depending on the day's exchange rate. Please note bank fees may apply for payment in a different currency than your bank account.
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    • When will my card be charged?

      Your card will be charged as soon as you place the order.
    • Will Vespera come with a backpack?

      Vespera's backpack is available as an accessory (except for the Kickstarter Adventurer / Expert Edition / Astronaut Editions which will be included). You can order it directly on our website here.
    • Will we be able to add filters on Vespera?

      Yes, it will be possible to add the full-aperture filters designed by Vaonis: Solar (ND), CLS (light pollution), dual-band. Some accessories are already available on our website: - Vespera's backpack Take your Vespera wherever you go with this ...
    • Will it be possible to return the product if Vespera does not suit me?

      For our Kickstarter backers: Kickstarter is not a store and is therefore not able to refund contributors. When you contribute to a project, you are expressing your support for the creator and supporting his or her right to try something new. We ...
    • Will Vespera incorporate a heating resistance system?

      Vespera incorporates an anti-fog heating resistor which will need to be activated by the hygrometric sensor.  The sensor is now available to purchase here.