Is Hestia designed for observing the Sun and Moon?

Is Hestia designed for observing the Sun and Moon?

Hestia has been designed for observing the Sun and Moon, as well as the brightest deep-sky objects (magnitude 7-8).
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    • Solar Mode with Stellina

      The solar mode requires the acquisition of the specific Stellina filter. You can purchase it here. The solar mode requires Stellina to have been used once at night. Launch of the solar mode Make sure you select the right observatory and level your ...
    • What can be observed with Hestia?

      Hestia, along with the Gravity by Vaonis app, includes 2 modes that will allow you to observe the following objects: Day mode: observation of the Sun and sunspots, total and partial solar eclipses. A solar filter is necessary to observe the Sun ...
    • Will Hestia offer more detailed images of the Sun than Stellina or Vespera?

      As with Stellina and Vespera, Hestia will be able to observe sunspots. Solar photos taken with Hestia will be stacked by the Gravity application, but there will be an advantage in terms of resolution for photos taken with Stellina or Vespera.
    • How do I access Hestia's different modes?

      After clicking on the camera icon in the Space Center, click on the menu or shortcut to change modes (landscape / sun / moon / deep sky / planet).
    • Which smartphones are compatible with Hestia?

      The compatibility depends on what you want to observe and your smartphone’s OS (Operating System) If you are using an Apple iPhone: Sun & Moon: iPhone under iOS 16 and above, or iPhone 8 and above. Deep Sky: iPhone 13 and above Please note that only ...