Is Stellina more powerful than Vespera?

Is Stellina more powerful than Vespera?

Stellina has a larger aperture and focal length than Vespera. It integrates in addition to Vespera a light pollution filter, an anti-fog system, a field rotator, a USB port for raw file recovery, ... It also offers a better resolution.
For people looking for a powerful instrument (astronomy and image processing enthusiasts), Stellina will offer more possibilities than Vespera because its manual mode is more advanced.
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    • Are Stellina's images better than those obtained with Vespera?

      Stellina has a larger optic aperture and a larger sensor than Vespera. Both instruments deliver images of exceptional quality with a very high level of detail, but Stellina collects more information and offers a better resolution. Here is a sample of ...
    • If Vespera is smaller than Stellina, do I lose quality?

      Vespera's aperture and resolution are indeed smaller than Stellina's but you'd be amazed to see what you can get with a 50mm apochromatic quadruplet! Just have a look at the results of the RedCat refractor, whose refractor alone (no frame, tripod, or ...
    • Where is VESPERA made?

      Vespera is manufactured in the same plant as Stellina, the APF 34 adapted company, located in Montpellier in the south of France.
    • Can we use any other manufacturer's filter on Vespera?

      No it will not be possible to use existing filters, as Vespera will adapt its image processing and object suggestions, based on filters that will be used, by detecting the type of filter. Moreover, a full-aperture filter involves specific ...
    • How Vespera compensate for the lack of field derotator?

      Vespera realizes unitary exposures of 10s. This is enough so that the field rotation is not visible on the raw images. Thus, the field rotation is compensated when stacking the images. Thanks to our image processing algorithms that take into account ...