I can't close the compartment's hatch

I can't close the compartment's hatch

To close the hatch, position first the bottom of the hatch, then press on the top of it, on the raised dot. Do not hesitate to press hard on the top to make the closing system work.


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    • Can I manually close STELLINA's arm?

      When the telescope is in standby or turned off (no acquisition in progress), you can open and close the arm of Stellina manually, as long as this is done gently! However, we advise using the Open / Close button of your mobile app, in the Stellina ...
    • What are the 3 USB ports in the compartment for?

      The compartment dedicated to the storage of the battery includes 3 USB ports: Ports USB-A / USB-C 1 USB-C port for Stellina’s power supply via your power bank or a suitable power outlet, 2 USB-A ports: before starting an observation, use one of the 2 ...
    • When I turn off my telescope, STELLINA emits a mechanical noise. Is this normal?

      When the telescope closes, Stellina searches for a stop. You do not have to worry, it will continue to work normally.
    • How to power STELLINA using a portable battery?

      You are free to buy the powerbank (portable battery) of your choice, according to your needs: resistance, longevity, weight, color, ports, price, capacity … Some of you will prefer a power supply and a cable of several meters, it is possible. This is ...
    • How to power STELLINA using an AC adapter?

      STELLINA has been designed to facilitate transport from the house to the most remote places, so we recommend to use a powerbank (portable battery) and to store in the compartment provided for its effect. However, it is possible to charge STELLINA ...