Is the field derotator integrated?

Is the field derotator integrated?

Essential for the proper operation of the instrument, the field derotator is integrated and controlled by the onboard computer. Depending on the target star, the rotator adapts its rotation speed. This also changes the sensor field to achieve perfect framing.
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    • How Vespera compensate for the lack of field derotator?

      Vespera realizes unitary exposures of 10s. This is enough so that the field rotation is not visible on the raw images. Thus, the field rotation is compensated when stacking the images. Thanks to our image processing algorithms that take into account ...
    • What is the field of Vespera?

      The field is 1.6° x 0.9°. To give an idea, twice the moon enters entirely in the sensor's field of view.
    • What are Vespera's full specs?

      Weight 5 kg (11lbs) Height 40cm (15 in) Width 20 cm (8 in) Depth 9 cm (3.5 in) Battery life 4 hours Aperture 50 mm Focal length 200 mm Resolution 1920 x 1080 (2MP) Lens Apochromatic Quadruplet Lens special features Extra low dispersion S-FPL52 ...
    • Does STELLINA integrate dark, flat and offset files?

      No. Flat would be complicated to manage because of the field derotator The bias (offset) is not necessarily necessary on recent sensors (more so than on our cameras, we found that it was impossible to control the behavior of the sensor below 0.5s) ...
    • What type of battery will have Vespera?

      Vespera will have an integrated battery. However, it will be possible to connect external batteries to enjoy long nights of observation!