Can I use STELLINA in urban areas?

Can I use STELLINA in urban areas?

Yes, the station integrates a light pollution filter which allows you to use it in urban or suburban areas (small cities). However, nothing will ever replace a dark and pure sky. Please, also note that some objects that are visible from the countryside are more difficult to observe in urban areas.

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    • Does Vespera incorporate a light pollution filter?

      Contrary to Stellina, Vespera will not integrate an anti-pollution filter. This will be offered as an accessory on our website (estimated release date: Fall 2022).
    • How to take and use a dark?

      Singularity allows its advanced users to make darks more easily. To get darks files, here is the procedure to follow. Step 1: Make sure that the Expert mode is activated.  To know how to do it, check this article. Step 2: Launch an observation For ...
    • Do I need an Internet connection to use STELLINA?

      No, STELLINA uses a Wi-Fi network to communicate with your device but it doesn’t need an internet connection. When you set up STELLINA, you just need to go to your Wi-Fi settings and connect to the STELLINA network (in the same way you would connect ...
    • How to clean STELLINA?

      The shell of Stellina is made of plastic and is resistant to different weather conditions (rain, humidity …). If you notice any stains or marks on its surface, it is advised to use: a window washer type product (no acetone) a microfiber type fabric ...
    • How to clean STELLINA's lens?

      Stellina’s lens is an important and fragile element that you have to pay attention to. If you notice any stains or spots, use lens wipes for eyeglasses or specific optical cloths (Microfiber cloths for glasses) and gently clean the surface of the ...