Why does STELLINAPP indicate a different temperature than my thermometer

Why does STELLINAPP indicate a different temperature than my thermometer

Stellina is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors that trigger the anti-fog system. You can find the measurements in the first tab of the mobile application (Stellina Control), and notice a difference with the temperature of your location.

The temperature is measured at the back of the optical arm. The area can be located through small openings on each side of the optical arm. This is the most “inert” area of ​​the instrument since it is far from all other heat sources that Stellina generates (heat from the on-board computer, motors, sensor, heater…). The phenomenon that you observe is normal if you took out your instrument a short time ago because it takes a moment for the thermal inertia to make its effect. The temperature is not that of the outside but that near the optical system.

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