Why are jpeg images in low resolution?

Why are jpeg images in low resolution?

For now, the color image conversion gives you a 1.5M pixels image. It has been voluntarily limited, while we optimize our algorithms to get a better result in proper timing. Full resolution is available as an option.

To activate this option, before starting your observations: go to Profile > Gearwheel > Settings > Enable full resolution.
Stacking and recording will take a little longer but the size of the images will be doubled. Enabling this option is especially interesting for users who process their images on a computer or want to print their photos

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      Yes, just plug a USB key into the STELLINA compartment before the start of your observation to retrieve the files in the following format: The final photos processed by STELLINA are available in jpg format. Raw images are available in fits format ...
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      The raw files created by STELLINA are delivered in FITS format. This format is specific to astrophotography and needs to be processed a specific way than only experienced amateur astronomers will know how to perform. If you do not have the necessary ...
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      On this link, you can get a tutorial about the image processing on the 3 diferrent kind ot formats used by STELLINA. It will advise which software to use depending on the selected image format and your level in image processing.