Why are jpeg images in low resolution?

Why are jpeg images in low resolution?

For now, the color image conversion gives you a 1.5M pixels image. It has been voluntarily limited, while we optimize our algorithms to get a better result in proper timing. Full resolution is available as an option.

To activate this option, before starting your observations: go to Profile > Three dots> Parameters> Enable full resolution.
Stacking and recording will take a little longer but the size of the images will be doubled. Enabling this option is especially interesting for users who process their images on a computer or want to print their photos

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    • Can I retrieve the raw images and process them myself?

      Yes, just plug a USB key into the STELLINA compartment before the start of your observation to retrieve the files in the following format: The final photos processed by STELLINA are available in jpg format. Raw images are available in fits format ...
    • Is Full Resolution mode available on Vespera?

      Unlike Stellina, Vespera only generates full resolution images (approximately 1920 x 1080 px). It is therefore not necessary to activate this option in the Profile settings.
    • Are Stellina's images better than those obtained with Vespera?

      Stellina has a larger optic aperture and a larger sensor than Vespera. Both instruments deliver images of exceptional quality with a very high level of detail, but Stellina collects more information and offers a better resolution. Here is a sample of ...
    • What is the picture resolution?

      Image resolution will depend on the resolution of your smartphone's camera.
    • I can't open my raw files in Photoshop

      The raw files created by STELLINA are delivered in FITS and TIFF formats. These formats are specific to astrophotography and need to be processed in a specific way that only experienced amateur astronomers will know how to perform. If you do not have ...