What's the warranty on your products?

What's the warranty on your products?

Our products come with a 2-year warranty in case of a material defect. It starts from the date you receive your product.

The warranty is excluded in the event of damage or deterioration resulting from:
– misuse, negligence, lack of supervision or maintenance by the customer
– normal wear and tear of the product or force majeure;
– unusual use of the product,
– an external or unusual accident or from conditions for storage and/or storage of the product by the customer,
– the liability or intervention of a third party on the product, of a bad assessment by the customer of its needs, or of changes to the product,
– wilful or deliberate misconduct,
– outside events: fire, explosion, water damage, lightning, storm, electrical surge, etc.
– falls, knocks, shocks, scratches, oxidation.
– the opening of the product and its disassembly by the customer.

If you observe or suspect a defect on your product, please contact our team by phone or email.

You can read our full terms of sale here.

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