What can I photograph with STELLINA?

What can I photograph with STELLINA?

STELLINA is what can be called a “large field” astrograph (astrophoto camera) because its field is about 1° x 0.7°. To get a better idea, the Sun and the Moon represent a field of about 0.5°, so they perfectly fill the sensor’s field. STELLINA is designed for deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, star clusters or comets etc. However, it depends on their apparent size, not all stars are observable (there is no telescope that can observe everything) but a catalogue of hundreds of stars is already waiting for you!

The constellations cannot be photographed because they are way too large to fit into the scope of a telescope. A DSLR is enough for this type of image.

The planets have a very small apparent size (for example, around 0.01 ° for Jupiter), STELLINA is therefore not the best intrument for planetary observation. You’ll be able to distinguish the rings of Saturn and Jupiter’s band but in small pixels only.

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    • What file size can Stellina create?

      Stellina can create the following file size: - JPEG: up to 4-5 Mb in full resolution - Fits: 12 Mb - Tiff: up to 36 Mb in full resolution
    • Tutorial Affinity Photo

      Affinity Photo's tutorial is available here.
    • How to clean STELLINA?

      The shell of Stellina is made of plastic and i resistant to different weather conditions (rain, humidity …). If you notice any stains or marks on its surface, it is advised to use: a window washer type product (no acetone) a microfiber type fabric ...
    • How to update STELLINA?

      We release STELLINA’s software updates about every 6-8 weeks. It may include: new features, optimization, new settings for image processing, bug corrections, display fixes… We highly recommend you to update your device each time a new version is ...
    • How is STELLINA powered?

      STELLINA requires a power source delivering at least 5.1 +/- 0.1V and at least 2.4A on a USB Type-C connector. For that, two solutions exist: – an external power adapter – an external battery (e.g. powerbank used to charge your smartphone)