What is STELLINA's autonomy time?

What is STELLINA's autonomy time?

The power consumption of the instrument is about 2A. Therefore, a battery of 10 000 mAh assures you autonomy of about 5 hours.
If your Stellina is working in a cold environment or with high humidity, the heating system will turn on and consume your battery faster. You may want to purchase a bigger battery (<20 000mAH) for Stellina to observe all night long!
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    • Does STELLINA support multiple users at the same time?

      Yes, you can connect up to 10 smartphones and tablets to STELLINA at the same time. One of them will be designated as the administrator and the other users will be able to see the pictures taken by the instrument. For the users who regularly organize ...
    • How to update STELLINA?

      We release STELLINA’s software updates about every 6-8 weeks. It may include: new features, optimization, new settings for image processing, bug corrections, display fixes… We highly recommend you to update your device each time a new version is ...
    • Is it possible to change the time of the application to simulate what we will see?

      This feature will be available early 2021.
    • What is the shipping time for Stellina?

      May 11th, 2022 Edit: Stellina orders are shipped 4-6 weeks after the order date.  Feel free to look at our list of resellers and check if they have stock in your country: https://vaonis.com/resellers
    • How does STELLINA's initialization work?

      STELLINA is fully automatized, but it requires some information in order to start photographing. First, it needs to know its exact position (coordinates, time), this information is provided using your device’s GPS, when creating your Observatory on ...