Which USB stick formats are compatible with STELLINA?

Which USB stick formats are compatible with STELLINA?

Below are the formats compatible with your STELLINA.
For Windows users:
For Mac users:
If you have some issues to save your pictures, try reformating your usb stick with the above formats.

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    • What are the 3 USB ports in the compartment for?

      The compartment dedicated to the storage of the battery includes 3 USB ports: Ports USB-A / USB-C 1 USB-C port for Stellina’s power supply via your power bank or a suitable power outlet, 2 USB-A ports: before starting an observation, use one of the 2 ...
    • What are the image formats available?

      Today, 3 image formats are available with STELLINA: JPEG, TIFF, and FITS. These formats are really different from one to another. If you would like to know the strengths and weaknesses from each and how to extract them, please have a look at the ...
    • How can I retrieve my pictures in raw format?

      Before you start your observation, open the battery compartment and plug a USB key into one of the two USB-A ports available. This will allow you to retrieve the final and raw images captured by Stellina. A pop up will appear in the app, you will ...
    • What are the image formats offered by Vespera?

      Just like Stellina, it will be possible to download images in JPEG, TIFF and FITS formats.
    • How is STELLINA powered?

      STELLINA requires a power source delivering at least 5.1 +/- 0.1V and at least 2.4A on a USB Type-C connector. For that, two solutions exist: – an external power adapter – an external battery (e.g. powerbank used to charge your smartphone)