What are the image formats available?

What are the image formats available?

Today, 3 image formats are available with STELLINA: JPEG, TIFF, and FITS. These formats are really different from one to another.

If you would like to know the strengths and weaknesses from each and how to extract them, please have a look at the following tutorial here

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    • I can't open my raw files in Photoshop

      The raw files created by STELLINA are delivered in FITS and TIFF formats. These formats are specific to astrophotography and need to be processed in a specific way that only experienced amateur astronomers will know how to perform. If you do not have ...
    • Why do my FITS files appear in black and white?

      The FITS files come from a color sensor containing the information organized as a Bayer pattern. To convert them to a colored image, it is necessary to go through a phase called demosaicing (sometimes called Debayering). A single FITS file is not ...
    • What image formats does Vespera Passengers offer?

      Like Vespera, images can be retrieved in JPEG, TIFF and FITS formats.
    • Why does the exported TIFF photo appear in black?

      The TIFF image appears black as the palette of shades the computer screen has is way more limited than that of the TIFF image (256 levels per color on the computer screen versus 65536 levels per color in the TIFF file). To reveal the contrasts, it is ...
    • Image processing tutorial with TIFF format

      If you would like to start processing pictures with TIFF format, we can recommend the software Affinity Photo and have a look at our dedicated tutorial here.