Solar Mode with Vespera

Solar Mode with Vespera

The solar mode requires the acquisition of the specific Vespera filter. You can purchase it here.
The solar mode requires Vesepera to have been used once at night.
  1. Launch of the solar mode
Make sure you select the right observatory and level your instrument.
The solar mode is accessible from the Space Center tab, at the same level as the random mode, and Plan my night. The button is greyed out if you are not connected to the instrument.

  1. Arm opening & filter installation
This phase is automatic. The instrument will first go to its neutral position (arm closed) before opening the arm to a horizontal position.
This will allow you to install the solar filter and avoid pointing directly at the sun and damaging the sensor.
The confirmation button is greyed out until the filter is placed at the front of the arm.
  1. Instrument orientation
Once the filter is installed, you may turn Vespera on its Azimut axis until the arm faces the sun for optimal pointing. Make sure that you can see a thin beam of light between the closed arm and the white shell. The observation of the shadow of your instrument will guide you to obtain this position.
We advise you not to move the tripod as this will affect the leveling.

  1. Solar Observation
Now your Vespera will proceed automatically with the following steps:
- The arm will go back to its neutral position (arm closed)
- The arm will point at the sun
- Once the sun is detected, the instrument will start tracking and will center the sun on your screen
Note: if clouds appear the instrument can lose track of the sun at this phase. We advise you to stop the observation mode and try once more.
- The instrument will complete the focus and the photon animation will appear followed shortly by the sun picture.

You will observe live images from the sun (compared to the planet & Moon viewing). The stacking will not be available, and neither is the Tiff export.
The images can be saved in Singularity's gallery and on your USB stick (make sure to select "Live imaging" format first). You will then be able to share them as usual.
  1. Stopping the solar mode
When you want to leave the solar mode, you will first need to stop the observation with the stop button on your observation screen:

The app will then:
- offer you to remain in solar mode by going back to the filter installation setup page
- offer you to remove the filter and close the arm.