Update 1.27 - 18th May 2021

Update 1.27 - 18th May 2021

Stellinapp version: 1.27
Software version: V24

In order to take advantage of the latest Stellina improvements, you are invited to update your device. The latest update includes minor bug fixes and an additional 10 new targets in the catalog:
- The spiral galaxy NGC 4535
- The planetary nebula NGC 2371
- Two stars: Regulus and Epsilon Lyrae (Double Double stars)
Only visible in the Southern Hemisphere:
- The open star clusters IC 2391 and IC 2602 (Southern Pleiades)
- The globular cluster NGC 362 and NGC 4833
- The spiral galaxy NGC 1313
- The planetary nebula NGC 3918

To ensure the updates are installed correctly, please wait until Stellina is completely rebooted (the last phase can take several minutes)

Previous updates as well as step-by-step instructions to update your device can be found on the support site.

Did you know?
Stellina incorporates a 6.4 million pixel sensor. To increase speed, automatic image processing generates JPEG files of approximately 1.5 million pixels. To obtain full resolution images, all you need to do is activate the option in the settings:
Go to Profile tab > Gear wheel > Settings > Enable full resolution

Stacking and recording will take a bit longer but the size of the images will be doubled. Enabling this option is especially interesting for users who process their images on a computer or want to print their photos.
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