What does Stellina's box include?

What does Stellina's box include?

Stellina's box includes:
- a Stellina observation station
- a short Gitzo tripod
- a 10,000 maH power bank battery
- a bubble level plate
- a short USB-C/USB-A cable (depending on your battery brand)
- a cable to charge the battery 
- a dust cover

Stellina's box does not include any backpack, additional batteries, or lens wipes.
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    • What does Vespera's box include?

      Vespera's box includes: - a Vespera observation station - a short tripod - an USB magnetic cable  - a USB wall plug (US, EU and UK types) - a bubble level - a dust cover Vespera's box does not includes any backpack, additional batteries, lens wipes, ...
    • How to update STELLINA?

      We release STELLINA’s software updates about every 6-8 weeks. It may include: new features, optimization, new settings for image processing, bug corrections, display fixes… We highly recommend you to update your device each time a new version is ...
    • What is STELLINA's WIFI range?

      STELLINA’s Wi-Fi network range is about 10 meters (32 feet) without obstacles (such as walls or windows). This can vary depending on the device used as well as the environment (nearby Wi-Fi networks, orientation etc …). If you have problems ...
    • How does STELLINA's initialization work?

      STELLINA is fully automatized, but it requires some information in order to start photographing. First, it needs to know its exact position (coordinates, time), this information is provided using your device’s GPS, when creating your Observatory on ...
    • How to clean STELLINA's lens?

      Stellina’s lens is an important and fragile element that you have to pay attention to. If you notice any stains or spots, use lens wipes for eyeglasses or specific optical cloths (Microfiber cloths for glasses) and gently clean the surface of the ...