Where can I find more photos taken with Hestia?

Where can I find more photos taken with Hestia?

More photos are available on the vaonis.com website or our social networks.
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    • Where can I find the first feedbacks & pictures taken with Hestia ?

      We've launched a Facebook Group called 'My Gravity by Vaonis - Hestia' where users are already sharing their first shots, tips, and engaging in discussions. We invite you to join the community and be part of the conversation!
    • I have received my Hestia but can't find my solar filter

      If you purchased a standard or solo pack that comes with an extra solar filter, please note that it's not inside the Hestia packaging. Instead, it's located in the transport box. You should find the filter inside a small bubble wrap bag. Make sure to ...
    • Will Hestia offer more detailed images of the Sun than Stellina or Vespera?

      As with Stellina and Vespera, Hestia will be able to observe sunspots. Solar photos taken with Hestia will be stacked by the Gravity application, but there will be an advantage in terms of resolution for photos taken with Stellina or Vespera.
    • How do we retrieve Vespera's photos?

      There are 3 different ways to save your photos with Vespera: On your Singularity app (Jpeg format) - storage is limited to 200Mo On your Mobile device (Jpeg and Tiff formats) By accessing your Vespera's internal memory (Jpeg, Fits, and Tiff formats). ...
    • I can't find the pictures in my laptop/tablet.

      The Capture button in the Observation screen allows you to save the photo only in your Singularity application gallery. You can find the photos in your past observations from the Profile tab. To save your photo to your phone or tablet memory (in ...