Where can I find the specifics of the sensor used (pixel size, sensor size ...)?

Where can I find the specifics of the sensor used (pixel size, sensor size ...)?

You can find all the details of the Starvis range on the Sony website :
The sensor used in Vespera is the IMX462.
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    • What is the size of Vespera's sensor?

      The sensor size is 1/2.8". Further details: SONY CMOS IMX462 1936x1096
    • What file size can Stellina create?

      Stellina can create the following file size: - JPEG: up to 4-5 Mb in full resolution - Fits: 12 Mb - Tiff: up to 36 Mb in full resolution To check your Stellina is in full resolution: 1. Go to your profile tab & click on the 3 dots 2. Click on ...
    • How to set up the hygrometer sensor

      Detection of the humidity sensor can take from 30 seconds to 1 minute 1. Manually open the product arm 2. Remove the cover on the front of the optical arm by pressing the button provided for this purpose 3. Position the Vespera AC024 humidity sensor ...
    • What is the sensor used in Vespera?

      This is a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor of the latest generation that offers excellent performance in terms of noise and sensitivity in low light. The model is IMX462.
    • Can the hygrometer sensor and filters be used at the same time?

      We have designed Vespera so that the optical arm can accommodate both the hygrometer sensor and the various filters you wish to use. We recommend that you leave the humidity sensor in place at all times.