Where can I find the specifics of the sensor used (pixel size, sensor size ...)?

Where can I find the specifics of the sensor used (pixel size, sensor size ...)?

You can find all the details of the Starvis range on the Sony website :
The sensor used in Vespera is the IMX462.
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    • What is the size of Vespera's sensor?

      The sensor size is 1/2.8". Further details: SONY CMOS IMX462 1936x1096
    • What file size can Stellina create?

      Stellina can create the following file size: - JPEG: up to 4-5 Mb in full resolution - Fits: 12 Mb - Tiff: up to 36 Mb in full resolution To check your Stellina is in full resolution: 1. Go to your profile tab & click on the 3 dots 2. Click on ...
    • What is the sensor used in Vespera?

      This is a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor of the latest generation that offers excellent performance in terms of noise and sensitivity in low light. The model is IMX462.
    • Where can I find metadata for images saved in Singularity?

      You can find information like shooting date, number of images stacked, observation time, image weight, moon phase, etc. in your Singularity gallery: Profile tab (4th tab)> Tap on the saved photo > Details (i)
    • How do I find my Stellina firmware version?

      To find out the firmware version number of your Stellina, connect to your instrument's Wi-Fi network, then in Singularity, go to: Space Center (1st tab) > click on the Instrument thumbnail > The version is displayed under the status of your device. ...