Will Vespera incorporate a heating resistance system?

Will Vespera incorporate a heating resistance system?

Unlike Stellina, Vespera will not incorporate an anti-fog heating resistor. This will be offered as an accessory available on our accessories page (release date estimated May 2022)
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    • How do you manage the problem of lens fogging or condensation?

      Fogging, lens condensation, or dewing is a well-known problem in astronomy, too often responsible for interrupting observations. To handle this problem, STELLINA incorporates a heating resistance system (dew heater) that activates automatically to ...
    • Does Vespera incorporate a light pollution filter?

      Contrary to Stellina, Vespera will not integrate an anti-pollution filter. This will be offered as an accessory on our website (estimated release date: May 2022).
    • Can we use any other manufacturer's filter on Vespera?

      No it will not be possible to use existing filters, as Vespera will adapt its image processing and object suggestions, based on filters that will be used, by detecting the type of filter. Moreover, a full-aperture filter involves specific ...
    • What type of battery will have Vespera?

      Vespera has an integrated battery. However, it will be possible to connect external batteries to enjoy long nights of observation!
    • Will Vespera come with a backpack?

      Vespera's backpack will be available as an accessory (except for the Kickstarter Adventurer / Expert Editions which will be included). The accessories will be released soon on our website (estimated date: May 2022)