Will we be able to connect Vespera to a computer?

Will we be able to connect Vespera to a computer?

No, just like Stellina, it will not be possible to connect Vespera to a computer to control it. The instruments are only controllable from the dedicated mobile application. 

You can only connect to Vespera to download the internal memory content. You can check our tutorial section on how to do this.
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    • Will we be able to add filters on Vespera?

      Yes, it will be possible to add the full-aperture filters designed by Vaonis: Solar (ND), CLS (light pollution), dual-band. Some accessories are already available on our website: - Vespera's backpack Take your Vespera wherever you go with this ...
    • How to connect Vespera to my Android device?

      If you’re connecting Vespera to your mobile device for the first time, it is necessary to be connected to a wifi network before starting. STEP 1 Download SINGULARITY by Vaonis from your store. it is free and downloadable by all. The application is ...
    • What will be the range of VESPERA's Wi-Fi?

      Just like Stellina, Vespera has its own Wi-Fi transmitter that allows users to connect with their mobile device to control it. The Wi-Fi targeted range is 30 meters (98ft), which will allow you to easily install Vespera in your garden and control it ...
    • Will Hestia offer more detailed images of the Sun than Stellina or Vespera?

      As with Stellina and Vespera, Hestia will be able to observe sunspots. Solar photos taken with Hestia will be stacked by the Gravity application, but there will be an advantage in terms of resolution for photos taken with Stellina or Vespera.
    • Solar Mode with Vespera

      The solar mode requires the acquisition of the specific Vespera filter. You can purchase it here. The solar mode requires Vesepera to have been used once at night. Launch of the solar mode Make sure you select the right observatory and level your ...