The Virgo cluster Challenge - May 2023

The Virgo cluster Challenge - May 2023

- Which object do I need to observe:
For Stellina owners: M60

- What picture format do I need to send?
We will need to receive the TIFF format. Please do not edit your image and do not add text to it.
Here is a tutorial on how to save the Tiff format from the Singularity app.

- I'm not available on May 12th 2023. Can I send a picture that I have saved before or after the date?
We recommend observing on May 12th due to the proximity of the New Moon. However, we can accept pictures taken 1-2 days prior the date but not after May 14th (deadline to submit the picture).

- Can I edit the picture that I have saved?
No, please send us the original picture taken

- Does the observation time is important?
No, you can observe the object any time during the night. If you are not available or if the object can be seen late at night, you can use the Plan my Night feature.
Here is a tutorial on how to use Plan my Night

- Can I use CovalENS (Mosaic Mode)?
Not with Stellina

- I couldn't observe for a full hour due to the arrival of clouds. Can I still send my picture?
Yes, of course! :)

- Does the 1h observation time correspond to 1 real hour or 1 stacking hour?
We would like to receive at least 1 hour of stacking (which can be different from "real time"). Please check the stacking timer at the top of your observation screen:

- When will I be able to see the final picture?
The final picture will be shared on May 19th, 2023.

- Are the pictures of Stellina & Vespera mixed up?
No the instruments will not observe the same object.

- Do I have to activate Full Resolution with Stellina?
To do so: Click on Profile > 3 dots > Parameters > Full resolution

- Where can I send my pictures?
Please send your pictures to

- Can I send several pictures?
Yes, but not after May 14th (deadline).

- Can I observe the object longer than 1 hour?
Yes! The longer you observe, the more details will be on your picture.

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