Update May 30th, 2023

Update May 30th, 2023

Singularity app version:
Android : 1.18.2
iOS : 1.18.2

Software version : V2.17 - no software update needed on your instrument

This new version contains :
    • Plan my Night: Manual targets scheduling. You can now select manual targets in Plan My Night: select a manual target saved in your favorite list and add it to your Plan My Night schedule. Learn more here. 

    • +4000 objects in the new extended catalog. Access Catalog > Manual > Create a manual target by searching our extended catalog. Select your target,  its coordinates will populate automatically. Learn more here

    • 12 new objects in the main catalog

    • Space Center: Addition of our social networks links

    • Bug fixes

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    • Update 7th March 2022

      Singularity app version: Android : 1.4.2 iOS: 1.4.2 Our software version for Stellina: V30 (no new update necessary) Our software version for Vespera: 2.4.1  This release contains: the addition of 10 new objects in the catalog (1 reflexion nebula,1 ...
    • Update May 9th, 2023

      Singularity app version: Android : 1.17.3 iOS : 1.17.2 Software version : V2.17 This new version contains : 11 new objects Bug fixes (including Mosaic Mode bug on Android, charging LED on Vespera and Stellina software update error)
    • The Virgo Cluster Challenge - May 2023

      - Which object do I need to observe: For Vespera owners: NGC 4438 (the target will be part of the catalog in May 9th software update) If you want to try this object before the challenge, please use Manual Mode by entering these coordinates: ra : ...
    • How to update my observation station?

      Important note: There are two types of updates: - an update for the Singularity application, which must be done first, - an update for the software embedded in your Stellina or Vespera observation station. We communicate in the newsletter entitled "A ...
    • Update - March 19th, 2024

      This update concerns iOS users only. No instrument update required. New Singularity version: 1.21.3 The update contains: Fixed Plan my Night not processing manual targets.